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Let our decades of makerspace experience work for you.

Creating the makerspace

The consultants of FabLab Studio have the knowledge and the expertise you want from running a highly successful makerspace and fablab. For seven years, Dani, Snow, and Steve have been running one of the most successful private makerspaces in the country, FabLab Tacoma.

They are experts in every aspect of running a makerspace, from setting up the space to designing the curriculum to picking the right machines from the right companies. They’ve gone through the pain of starting a business from scratch, and now are offering their decades of knowledge to you.

The process for working with us is simple.

First, we take a free, 15-minute tour of Fablab Tacoma so you can see the equipment we have and ask some basic questions. If we decide to work together from there, we can then set up a meeting with all of your stakeholders to discuss your goals and ideas. Once we know what you want to do with your space, then we can talk about equipment purchases, space management, staff organization, discuss managing your programming, train you on how to teach classe, give you a cirriculum, and more

Meeting with our experts means you don’t have to go it alone, or search endlessly on the web for articles that may not tell you what you want to know.

Save yourself the time and heartache as you create your new makerspace. Hire our senior makerspace consultants and make your new venture run as smoothly as possible.

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Our Team

Our team is here to help you create a great makerspace today. Don’t spend time and money trying to figure out what we already know. Contact our consultants today!

Steve Tibbitts
Founder – Fablab Studio

Stephen Tibbitts has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Washington State University and assists artists, students, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs create art and design projects. He also holds several patents and disclosures of his own. Stephen is motivated to foster elegance in engineering design.

Snow Winters
Senior Consultant

Snow Winters is the Senior Consultant of FabLab Studio. She has a bachelors degree in Earth Science from the University of Arkansas and experience in 3d modeling, animation, sculpture, and design. Snow focuses on helping clients realize their projects from idea to completion utilizing the many tools and expertise offered at the FabLab.


Dani Pavlić

Senior Makerspace Consultant

Dani Pavlić is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, curator, and designer and holds a Master Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana. Dani is an expert at staff management, event coordination, developing adult and youth classes, and curriculum design.

Josh Kilen
Digital Marketing

Josh is a published author of more than 20 books and a veteran marketer with 15+ years of experience. He’s worked with hundred million dollar companies but prefers helping local small businesses see out sized results. His expertise is in online marketing and web design.

Bryan Rehbein
Senior Software Engineer

Bryan is a code slinger, anime junkie, and coffee snob. He also flexes his software engineering muscles while building FabLab Studio’s incredible platform. Officially, Bryan’s a software developer with a broad background of different technologies and methodologies. He has experience with Ruby on Rails, Android development, iOS development and other general web technologies.

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