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collageAt FabLab Studio, our design team is here to make your work, work for you.  There are often many steps between the first spark of an idea and the final culmination of that idea’s beautiful, useful, and powerful application.  Helping you, our clients, creators, and collaborators, through that process, is what we do best.

Whether you need something as simple as bringing a pencil to paper, or as complex as a self-playing guitar, our team has the combined skills and experience to bring your product to fruition.

Our partnership with FabLab Tacoma brings our fabrication and prototyping capabilities to a level we would not be able to achieve as a stand-alone consulting service, and our clients directly reap those benefits.  We go beyond the typical design studio experience because we value the knowledge our clients learn with us every step of the way. When we discover what you want, you will discover what you need.  Let FabLab Studio be your bridge to creation.